How We Work

We use tried and tested steps to achieve the transformation you need.

1. Understanding Your Business Challenges

Utility businesses around the world continue to face a wave of daunting challenges that require improvement to the quality and cost of service to their customers. Each regulatory or political cycle demands a step-change in the way the business is operated; yet a combination of internal and external pressures often means change has a wide scope, many stakeholders and the risk of elongated timeframes to deliver benefits.

Fresh challenges can come from a merger with a new company, the move to a competitive market, advancement of new disruptive technology or changes to the regulatory environment.  All drive the need to improve safety, reliability and efficiency.  In many situations it may be necessary to think about the business in different ways; identify and merge the best bits of both organisations, streamline operations, develop a new business unit, align around a new shared culture or consolidate geographical areas.  It may be necessary to completely transform the business on customer process lines or with the use of new technology.

We have experience of exactly these situations and the collective knowledge and skills to help you.  We understand what it takes to put in place the foundations for sustained performance improvement and how to implement a multi-faceted/multi-partner program successfully.

2. Providing a Fresh Perspective

Many of the organisations we work with already have a good idea of what they need to do or what they need to add to their existing capability.  They often have arrived at a point where they need to test their plans or verify if something critical is missing.  Some seek a new perspective or inspiration from people who have ’got the tee shirt’ and know what it takes to be successful and deliver sustainable results.  Some need to galvanise the organisation around a new vision or strategy.

Other organisations we work with have already delivered a large program and are seeking help to extract more value from their processes, engineering operations, IT applications or data. UpCurve’s depth and breadth of capability and experience enables us to seek out route causes across the people/process/technology spectrum.

This holistic approach provides you with a client-side experience gained working with the ‘Big Six’ management consulting firms and major IT Service Providers that we think gives us a unique perspective in the utility sector.  We help you develop your strategy, construct a deliverable plan and then establish the foundations and early momentum for your program.

We then provide Leaders of the business the support they need both in delivering the change and embedding the new ways of working.  Importantly we help you monitor the impact of the change to ensure the current operation maintains focus on achieving its targets, particularly safety, reliability and customer, so critical to utility company reputation.


3. Providing Independent Advice

We offer support to companies and firms wishing to get an independent perspective on the gas, electricity, water and transportation industries.  We can discuss historical and future drivers of change, the impact of different management philosophies and share insights from our previous experience.

We are continually looking to match companies with innovative solutions and services with our key clients.  We help develop your ideas, critique your business plan and then connect you with the right senior people to initiate and foster a new working partnership.

Initial Consultation

The first step is to properly understand the ambition you have for the business or the particular problem you are trying to fix.

We offer a free initial consultation with you that enables us to better understand your challenges and to discuss how we might help.

Please feel free to speak to us by phone, email, or leave a message using the contact details here. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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