Asset Management

Asset Management is a prerequisite to transformational growth - we're experts in both.

1. Strategic Asset Management

We provide independent strategic advice to company Boards and Executives to help them respond to regulatory or economic pressures to improve the near-term performance and sustain the long-term health of their assets. 

This may be establishing your asset management organisation, creating your first Asset and Investment Plans or taking your existing business unit to the next level to achieve ISO55000 international accreditation.

Our 30+ years executive and practical experience gained from leading engineering construction, operations and maintenance teams in the UK and USA gas and electricity industry now extends into water and other assets-intensive infrastructure companies around the world.

2. Asset Risk Management

UpCurve, in partnership with Armco Solutions, provides you with everything you need to establish the right asset risk management strategy and approach for your business.  We have a proven process for assessing your current asset risks and developing the appropriate response plan.  We then support you deliver and sustain implementation of that plan successfully across your business.

Our teams come with extensive international experience from safety critical industries including gas production and storage, LNG, high pressure gas transmission, electricity transmission and gas, electricity and water distribution. Our executive teams have worked with national safety regulators in the UK & Ireland and have an understanding of requirements in the USA, Europe and Australasia.

We help you do this in four ways:

Assess Risks

Assess your current asset risks and highlight key areas for improvement.

Discuss Practical Improvements

Discuss physical, process and behavior aspects of asset risk improvement and help you choose practical ways these challenges can be overcome.

Develop a Strategy & Objectives

Establish an Asset Risk Management Strategy with you and develop the set of specific objectives and the implementation plan necessary to make it happen.

Support & Coaching

Support you throughout the implementation and provide coaching of key staff to leave you with enhanced asset risk management skills and capability.

Asset Information Management and Situational Intelligence

3. Asset Information Management and Situational Intelligence

We work with companies that are looking to better understand how to improve their safety, reliability, operational efficiency or customer performance by exploiting the next level of value from their data and information systems.  We help clarify the route causes of poor performance and discover new perspectives on how your business really operates. We develop practical solutions with you and agree a plan of action that will lead to improved performance.

Upcurve act as the catalyst to un-lock hidden performance in your asset management organisation.  We work with deep domain knowledge experts, niche software companies and look at the combination of people, process and technology and external factors. This ensures you can identify the underlying route causes and then critically realize the value through engaging your people across the organisation to adopt any new ways of working and sustain the performance improvement.